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Personal Identity


My core value was the relational perspective, which means developing my own potential. Our concern with the quality of relationships with self and others. I value innovation and change. 


I have decided to come back to complete an Accounting degree at Sheridan. The one thing I have felt is my education was inadequate was my education and I wanted to improve my communication skills. My degree has given me the necessary tools to help me be even more successful in my business. 


The Relational Awareness Core Perspective are people when communicating may tend to reflect an ambiguous view of the world. They at times best expressed through image, metaphor, or a personal story used to convey a more universal meaning.


My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator reported that my type is Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving. ISTP are typically logical, analytical, and objectively critical. I am likely to be convinced only by reasoning based on solid facts. I enjoy finding shortcuts and keenly observing their environment. ISTP are likely to be satisfied in a work environment that values logic and adaptability. People can count on them to notice what needs to be done and proceed in the simplest way possible. 


Personal Growth: try to complete one book per month.

Learning: always work on learning something new.

Development: Work on a master's in accounting.

Achievement: Work on achieving my C.P.A. designation.

Physical Function: To maintain good health and keep my fitness levels at a high level.

Independence: Not feeling that I must rely on anyone. 



This picture is of me playing football and a linebacker was able to get a hold of me, but he couldn't stop me. This picture is a reminder of how school initially gave me some challenges, but how hard work has helped me overcome them.



Michael playing football RB_edited.jpg