Professional Identity

Vision/Why Statement

My goal is to own and operate a personal training studio/clinic. I have made the decision to go back to school to obtain a degree in Accounting because of the fast changes that were happening in our economy and realizing how important it is to have an education.  



I discovered that when operating a business it is very important to understand the numbers and how you need to be able to develop budgets and financial plans to make informed decisions. This experience made me decide to study accounting. After my four years of studying accounting at Sheridan, I have enjoyed the challenges that accounting offers and I am now interested in pursuing a career in accounting.



I am looking for a company that values their employee’s success and growth. My next step is to work on my master’s in accounting and the work on obtaining C.P.A. designation.



Core Values 
  1. I believe that you always need to be working on yourself.

          a. Improving your health (diet, exercise)

          b.Always be learning (go to seminars, workshops, schools, listen to audio books.

          c. Improving your mental health (through meditation)

   2. Respect the people you surround yourself with and don’t prejudge people.

   3. Always look after yourself.

   4. I believe to never let anyone sabotage your focus in life. Sometimes even the people we love the most can get in the way of us growing.

   5. I believe the people we surround ourselves with will impact the way we grow as people. Don’t hang on to people the drain your energy.

   6. Always be honest with yourself.

   7. Always find something that you are passionate about.


Professional Experience


Horizon Travel Magazine gave me an opportunity to gain experience working as a controller for an international firm. Horizon Travel Magazine was a start-up company that published magazines that focused on travel getaways and golf courses. The company also would sell outdoor media space for NASCAR, Time Square and Trafalgar Square in England. Our office employed 20 people in our Toronto location and I had an opportunity to help supervise the team and make sure they stayed motivated on obtaining the company’s goals.


The experience of working with a small business gave me an opportunity to work with all the areas of the accounting department. I help transform the systems that they had in place which simplified and made the system more organized. This help the owner have accurate information to help him make a more informed decision when planning new projects.


My past work experience as being a manager has taught me valuable leadership skills that taught me the importance of how each role is important in the company and how a team must be unified to have major success. Experience as a manager will help me in future roles as a manager or a team member with understanding how supporting each other is always the best path to take for the growth for the company and for your personal success.


The experience of operating a personal training company has taught me all the different functions of business that will be valuable skills that will assist in my future role as an accountant. The role of an entrepreneur has taught me how to deliver exceptional customer service and how having strong communication skills help with building a long-term relationship with your customer. I found that the mistake business owners make with customers is they talk more then they listen to their customers which can lead to customer dissatisfaction because they are not delivering a service that caters to their needs.


Capstone Project


The Capstone course in the degree program was a group project and we work on designing a business plan for a company named Head Sport. Three of my four group members felt that they did not need to show up for the class to work on this project. The major problem was that we were each delegated part for the project and if you didn’t show up for class, you would not understand the deliverable for your part and what exactly the professor wanted to be expected for each of the parts.


I decided to develop an Excel spreadsheet that would show each member the part they were responsible for and when their part due. But, I also included an attendance sheet and explained that when we had to complete a peer review that each part of the Excel sheet that we laid out would affect their grade if they did not fulfill what was agreed on. I also put a teaming agreement together that each member had to sign to prevent an argument with why they were provided a certain grade on their peer review.


This did help our team be more committed to showing to class and the members improved their communication with the group. If a member a reason why they were able to come to class or they were late submitting a draft the date and reason were recorded and I feel this made the members more accountable for a section of the project. This made the group work a more enjoyable experience and prevented conflicts among the group members. The best part was that we were able to obtain an “A” on a major assignment.


This experience taught me how a well-coordinated project will help with each team members success. When it comes to groups you are going to have one free rider and I think you can help them they stay focus by giving them goals and support to help their success.