Personal S.W.O.T. Analysis




  • Life Learner

  • B.B.A. Accounting and Diploma with Honours (2018)

  • Undergrad Certificate in

  • Canadian Securities Course

  • Investment Funds in Canada

  • 15 Canadian Securities Certificates

  • Work towards my C.P.A, M.M.P.A.

  • Won three customer service awards with TD Canada Trust

  • Two-year work experience as a Controller

  • Computer skills (Sage 50, Quicken, Quick Books, S.A.P., Microsoft Office (Outlook, Access, One Note, Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Excel (pivot tables)

  • Entrepreneur Skills (founded Fitness Experts)

  • Self-Motivated

  • Strength Condition Coach for professional boxing

  • Played football for National Championship team Burlington Stampeders

  • Likes to volunteer

  • Ambivert (balance of extrovert and introvert features)

  • Dog Trainer





  • Take on too much at once

  • Expecting everyone to have a strong work ethic

  • Perfectionist

  • Need to post on social media more regularly

  • Need to increase my followers on Twitter and Facebook

  • I am not comfortable creating promotional videos of myself

  • I need to understand how to create a video on YouTube that will attract my target demographic for my business. 




  • Accounting jobs are being offered every day

  • To work on my M.M.P.A.

  • To open a clinic/studio

  • Start an online business​





  •  I would be starting a new venture bootstrapping that way I have full control but limits cash resources

  • If I start a business now it may get in the way of my dream of pursuing a job in accounting

  • The opportunity cost if I start working as an Accounting, I will have to take a pay cut.

  • I need to find a firm that is supportive of my educational goals.

  • Personal training is a highly competitive field and I will have to come up with a Blue Ocean strategy to separate myself from the competition to open a successful studio.

  • If I want to be recognized in the fitness industry online, I will have to analyze who is successful and why they are successful and be different to be relevant online.



The product is me. After doing the S.W.O.T. of myself I have realized that I will need time after this term to sit and go over six-month goals for myself to make sure that I am putting myself in a good position for success for my business and professional goals.

I will successfully complete my B.B.A. Accounting degree at Sheridan in August 2018, and then I am will be focusing on selecting a school to work on my master’s in accounting. I will take one term off to work on putting myself in a strong financial position and submitting my application to a school that I decide is the right fit for me.

I know with my experience and education I will have an easier time landing a job than most graduates from my program. I have experience as a controller of an international media firm and having a financial background from working in the bank gives me some leverage when negotiating with accounting firms when looking for a position.