Fitness Experts Inc.

I have owned and operated Fitness Experts Inc. since 1999 and has major success in helping clients obtain their fitness goals. I have worked with clients on weight loss, to professional boxing and help a fighter get in the best shape of life to win a professional title belt. 


My next step is to open an online personal training facility and to become a fitness blogger to help an individual learn safe and effective ways of reaching their goals sooner. I have witnessed the majority of people working out in the big box gyms using unsafe and ineffective programs that will only get them injured. 


Below is my website that I will be using for my blogging and will be launching September 2018. I will be teamed up with a few health professionals from different fields to help with the blogging to make sure we are delivering the latest clinical research to provide individuals a credible source that they know they will be able to trust. 






















I have spent a long time working on my craft and my client's results and improved health and fitness speaks for itself. Below are just a couple of the many clients that have seen great results from Fitness Experts programs. 





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Samuel Vargas won a professional title belt. 

Fitness Experts Personal Training Client

Marcy Norton lost over 100 lbs. within 14 months.