Michael R. Koprich



This section highlights all the education and certifications that I have completed to date.



I have provided a copy of my resume for the accounting industry.

I have provided two styles of resumes, one being the traditional resume and the other is a creative resume. 


Volunteer Experience and Awards

This section shows the past volunteer work I been involved with and awards I won at past jobs.

Mission Statement

Always to keep focused on taking care of my physical and mental health which will lead to good health prevention and provide me with the necessary energy to apply myself each day to become better than the last. To be a life learner and working on improving my craft and master my goals while keeping a positive mind through the process.

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Michael R. Koprich


2857 Sherwood Heights Drive, Unit 10

Oakville, Ontario L6J 7J9

Tel: 416-825-9499

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